Temerty Foundation

The concept for this office was centered on balancing the family’s classic style and contrasting contemporary influences to create an elegant workplace where the family could focus on their philanthropy efforts.

Having full lobby exposure, we took the opportunity to open up the front of the office with Unifor’s modern, architectural glass partitions, which provides an impactful view as soon as the elevator doors open. This impressive perspective into the Welcome Area also carries your eyes into the conference room and beyond and allows natural light to seep through.

The 14’-0” radial ceiling feature allures guests into the center of the space where each viewpoint supports soft stimuli and interest. The focal point rests on the custom sofa, flanked by the first Bernhardt Lilypad chairs specified in Canada, atop a custom hand tufted rug and surrounded by an argyle pattern detail wood floor.

The conference room is framed with Unifor electrified glass allowing its occupants to cycle between privacy modes.  The custom designed conference table has a unique porcelain inlay texture of windblown sand, mimicking a Zen garden. The light sculpture was a play on Newton’s cradle, representing energy and linking back to the Temerty’s renewable energy business.

The Espresso Area invites you in to enjoy a speciality coffee, delve into a book from the floor to ceiling library and take in the views of Toronto’s green landscape.  Furniture pieces were well considered and deliberate. This was no exception in the design of the private offices, where time was taken to hear each member’s needs and refinements were made to deliver each piece intentionally.  Every art piece was curated and positioned to ornate each space.

The office was also designed with an open area to accommodate different workstyles that support start-ups receiving funding to research and develop their product or service before launching out on their own.

The result is a showroom-eques office that easily balances between functionality and exhibition, where every detail was analyzed and refined by the inch.