The intent of this challenging project was to renovate Revlon’s existing offices in Mississauga in order to integrate the Elizabeth Arden team leaving Markham.

The project started with a review of Revlon’s current layout in order to create a new plan to strategically and resourcefully bring teams and the companies together while maintaining an active office.  In addition to a tactical, phased move-plan to work around existing employees, the renovation required a more efficient use of space with the construction of new offices, meeting rooms, product rooms and the expansion of their current lunchroom to help facilitate the increase of employees while accommodating the flexibility of shift-workers.

New carpet, accent flooring and paint breathed new, economical and branded life into the offices.  The amalgamation of existing furniture from both companies and a blush brush divider were advantageously repurposed where fit and augmented with new furniture to create both formal and casual meeting areas, coffee areas and a flexible lunchroom to encourage everyone to come together, seamlessly uniting two strong brands.