When OPTIMUS|SBR, a management consulting firm, merged three organizations, new offices were required to accommodate their new company. This project won an ARIDO Award of Merit in 2012.

The client’s vision was to create an environment that would stimulate a new culture, structure and identity taking the company to new heights. We approached this project with the energy and excitement the client projected, envisioning a unified organization, a welcoming and accessible workplace, where employees and clients would feel inspired.

The 12,000 sq.ft. office required flexibility to fulfill their targeted goal to double in size, therefore innovation was key in planning an efficient workplace. The office needed to reflect an image of experience and progressiveness, to attract and retain educated top talent.

Challenging the conventional was fundamental in creating an inviting and dynamic first impression.  The standard bridge connecting two buildings was transformed into a sun-filled reception. Efficiencies are achieved by integrating circulation space with functional spaces as demonstrated in the main conference room which integrates corridor space to accommodate a large town-hall, while showcasing a unique feature wall celebrating the organization’s new unity.  A flexible desking solution with unassigned seating fulfills the targeted growth.  Contemporary glass partitioning creates multi-functional, collaborative and private spaces promoting accessibility and information sharing while visually linking rooms together.  Defining areas with strong architectural delineations create visual separations allowing employees to interact with their environment freely.

These new offices have transformed OPTIMUS|SBR, improving moral while unifying the users with an inspiring environment.