Haventree Bank

Based in the heart of the financial downtown Toronto core, Haventree Bank is leading the way in alternative mortgages.  As a federally regulated financial institution, their head offices were designed to instill confidence, reflect transparency and promote growth.

Modern, glass meeting and conference rooms welcome guests and investors from the reception with warm wood and lively green accents inspired from nature and present in their name, logo and motto while dramatic black accents provide a modern contrast.

The main boardroom provides flexible furniture and technology facilitating both investors for formal board meetings while easily converting into free-standing tables for employee training.

Operable walls in meeting rooms off the central “Eatery” adapt to facilitate large town halls where a variety of seating options are offered for employees to relax and socialize with vistas of Lake Ontario.   Colourful, hanging felt screens provide visual and acoustic privacy between the rooms when they are required to function individually.

Private offices are located on the interior of the suite offering natural light and views of the downtown skyline to all while transparent glass partitions promote teamwork and collaboration.  Employee health and wellness is paramount.  Every work-space offers a sit-stand desk, ergonomic seating, personal storage and easy access to refreshment areas.

The flexibility and professionalism of Haventree Bank’s head offices reflects their brand while attracting and retaining top talent to benefit clients, investors and employees.  Growing with Haventree Bank is easy when their motto is reflected in their work culture.