Bullock + Wood Design

A new layout to enable more team work and collaboration.

After being on the 3rd floor for 15 years, we moved up to the 6th floor with south facing views, lots of natural light and the opportunity to rebrand with our new name. With a smaller footprint to play with, we created an open office layout with glass fronts on the meeting room and private office to allow the natural light to filter through. The bench style workstations allow for teamwork and learning through osmosis. We integrated our design sample library in the lunchroom, where the island serves a dual purpose and provides a welcoming space to meet with vendors and clients.

We decided on a simple and neutral palette of white and grey for a contemporary look. This allows our clients’ design schemes to shine. As we have clients across all industries, we wanted to maintain a clean and neat look that can appeal to anyone visiting our space. It stands the test of time.