Return to the Workplace


As we return to the workplace, the vaccine will enable us to resume a near normal office life.  Each workplace will have its own set of protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Hand sanitizer stations and appropriate signage will go a long way to communicate, remind and educate staff.  It will be important to create a safe workplace that is a haven for staff as they leave their home office.


Change is in the air and every workplace will be different. While we are seeing some firms reconfiguring their office to only accommodate 65% of their employees at any given day, there are other firms making no changes and wanting to accommodate 100% of their staff. Then there are those looking to create an office as a central meeting place with collaboration areas for teams and hoteling stations.  Whatever your plans are, we are here to help.


The future workplace is unfolding as we return to the office. Technology has proven that many jobs can be performed from the home and depending on each firm’s culture, the future workplace will differ from firm to firm.  There will be a need to take all the best practices we are learning about today and apply them to future planning; everything from touchless amenities to surfaces that allow for enhanced cleaning, will need to be worked into the design of the future workplace.