Return to the Workplace


As we return to the workplace, the protocols we have been using to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities will now need to be applied to the workplace.

Social distancing, masks when needed and good hand hygiene.

Hand sanitizer stations and appropriate signage will go a long way to communicate, remind and educate staff.  It will be important to create a safe workplace that is a haven for staff whenever they leave their home office.


Creating social distancing is going to need a space plan that will assist management in understanding the numbers of staff that can come into the office on any given day. The plans we have been doing to date indicate that anywhere from 20% to 50% of existing staff can be accommodated, depending on your individual office layout. In most cases, there is currently no need to make any physical changes to the office.


No one knows what the future holds but it is safe to say that the workplace is here to stay. So, there will be a need to take all the best practices we are learning about today and apply them to future planning. Everything from touchless amenities to surfaces that allow for enhanced cleaning, will need to be worked into the design of the future workplace.