Awards of Excellence

Each year Bullock + Wood Design presents an “Award of Excellence” to those individuals who demonstrate, in their dealings with our firm, an outstanding personal commitment to their profession.

In 2020 we presented Awards of Excellence to our whole Team for their hard work and efforts during the first year of the Pandemic.  The 2021 Awards were put on hold. Stay tuned for 2022 announcements towards the end of the year.

The 2019 awards were presented to:
Derek Young – Mohawk Group
Perry Mancini – Greenferd Construction
Desmond Wallace – Greenferd Construction

The 2018 award was presented to:
Carolyn Laidley Arn – Lennard Commercial Realty

The 2017 awards were presented to:
Tina Penson – Molins
Mark Tomjenovic
– Gillanders Construction
Dr. Derek Ford

The 2016 awards were presented to:
Tony Papreck – Hasbro Canada
Kerry Mocan – Hasbro Canada
Laurie Heathfield – Shaw Industries
Gary MacDonald – George Popper Architect

The 2015 Awards were presented to:
Mike Pitsillides – Town of Richmond Hill
Bailey Johnston – Interface
David Mott, Trevor Meyers and Neil Griffith – Artopex

The 2014 awards were presented to:
Eustace Galloway and Dennis Welfle – Vestacon
Judy Fields – Momentum

The 2013 Awards were presented to:
Raheel Dhaduk – Reckitt Benckiser (Canada) Inc.
Terry Arruda – Greenferd Construction

The 2012 Awards were presented to:
Craig Cooper – Coopertech Signs & Graphics
Rhonda Russell – Mohawk Group
Trevor Meyers – Artopex

The 2011 awards were presented to:
Kevin Gauci – OPTIMUS | SBR
Dave Turner – CTI Working Environments
Perry Fedrigo – AMJ Campbell Van Lines

The 2010 awards were presented to:
Susan Addy – DRN Commerce Inc.
Pui-Ying Chan – The Segal Company
John T. Boyes – MARANT Construction Limited

The 2009 awards were presented to:
Heidi Everett – NetSuite
Colin Smiley – Gillanders Construction
Jo Poulstrup – Tandus Canada

The 2008 awards were presented to:
Catherine Copp – Knightsbridge
Bill Pullen – Rosscor General Contractors Ltd.
Heather Halton – SCI Interiors

The 2007 awards were presented to:
Octavio Cabral – DMCT
Enzo Testa – DMCT
Steve Guymer – Spectrum Creative Interiors

The 2006 awards were presented to:
Kim Ballantyne – Alterna Savings
Bruce Mills – Rosscor General Contractors Ltd.
Tom Levesque – Interior Dimensions

The 2005 awards were presented to:
Ana Amaral – The Office Source
Lido Toffoli – Greenferd Construction

The 2004 awards were presented to:
Susan Armstrong – Ipsos Reid
Mitchell Cohen – MDC Contract
Rich Houtby – POI Business Interiors

The 2003 awards were presented to:
Kelley Moynagh – PHH Arval
Dianne Wilson – Xceed Mortgage Corporation
Jane Highton – Herman Miller Canada Inc.
Jennifer Stoddart – POI Business Interiors

The 2002 awards were presented to:
Truus Morgan-Karel – Standard & Poor’s
Diane Jacobs – First Canadian Title
Anne Bales – Steelcase Canada Ltd.

The 2001 awards were presented to:
John Henderson
 – AXA Insurance
John Hall – Towers Perrin
Stephen Fenwick – Towers Perrin
Robyn Baxter – Steelcase Consulting Group
Mandy Sutherland – Steelcase Consulting Group

The 2000 awards were presented to:
Rachel Krzyzewski – The Clorox Company of Canada, Ltd.
Jennifer Rea – Global Crossing
Robert Horwitz – Interior Dimensions

The 1999 awards were presented to:
Tom Buckman – Hewitt Associates
Geoff Mainprize – Trillium Hardware
Michael Bonnell – Malvern Carpet

The 1998 awards were presented to:
Rick Lustri – CNA Canada Operations
Jennifer Garvin – SCI Interiors Limited
Anna Sheppard – AT Kearney

The 1997 awards were presented to:
David Moretti – Maharam
Tony Rainho – Renwall Interiors Limited
Neil Beauchamp – Towers Perrin

The 1996 awards were presented to:
Dianne Bennett – St.Paul Canada
Dan Passera – Interior Dimensions
Bernie Winkelmann – Curmann Contracting
Donna Coates – Bullock Associates

The 1995 awards were presented to:
David Brown – Marathon Realty Company
Bruce Diack – Royal Trust
Nives Seyffert – Signature Vacations

The 1994 awards were presented to:
Susan Armstrong – Angus Reid Group
Tomas Laszlo – Royal LePage
William (Bill) O’Neill – The Toronto Sun

The 1992 awards were presented to:
Val Petta – Coscan Development Corporation
Steve McMahon – CAS Interiors
Bryan Hubberstey – The Royal Bank of Canada

The 1991 awards were presented to:
Doris Fielder – Towers Perrin
Trish Gesior – Firstline Trust
Rod Finney – Seaton Creative Interiors

The 1990 awards were presented to:
Jeff Jackson – Reactor Art & Design Limited
Daniel Kramer – Patella Construction
Steve Sorensen – Steelcase Canada
Beverly Collins – Corporate Insurance Group
Cheryl Fry – McCann Erickson Advertising